Friday, 30 December 2011


Short shaggy hairstyles are a fun and messy hairstyle that is not at all short of sexy and allure. Short hairstyles 2013 is fuss free, wash and wear easily. Short shaggy hairstyle is adopted by most of the women because it gives a thinner look to the face. It is suitable both for thin and thick hairs. Short shaggy hairstyles are easy to manage. In 2013 women are trying new trends in hairstyles. Short shaggy hairstyle is popular among women this year. 

With thick hairs and with volume of hairs, it gives a stunning result. It is trendy and easy to wear in day time. Similarly it looks great at night so it is suitable for every event.  Short prom hairstyles look great on women having round face because this hairstyle gives a thinner look to the face. Short shaggy hairstyle has few layers on the sides and back. Layers go according to the length of hairs but you can increase or decrease the number of layers according to your own choice to compliment your hairstyle.

There are few tips for getting the short shaggy hairstyle. Short shaggy hairstyle should be made with great care so that each and every strand of hair is in place which will create the desired effect on your face. Short shaggy hairstyle makes a neck look longer and in result making the face look thinner. 
Short shaggy hairstyles
To describe a shaggy cut, this is a hairstyle in which hairs are cut in varied layers. We can also call it layered cut. Women with thin hairs should not try this hairstyle because  hair won't be proper while cuts in steps and layers are done on the sides to get the short shaggy hairstyle. 
Short shaggy hairstyles
In short shaggy hairstyle the length of layers varies from a length of five inches to a longer length till your shoulders. A beautiful effect is created with these additional cuts. All one needs is to achieve this short shaggy hairstyle, dry it with a blow dryer and use a brush to hold it in its place. So we can say that this hairstyle remains in limelight for many years and gives you a glamorous and sensible look. 
Short shaggy hairstyles
Short shaggy hairstyle can be made with some variations. The spiky effect of short shaggy hairstyle adds extra height and texture. It is made with razors and not with scissors. Low light or highlights are a great way to give the short shaggy haircut an edgy and funky look at the same time adding shine and depth to the hairstyle.

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